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Next Step Energy uses our decades of experience and commitment to quality to choose the very best products for our customers.

Solar Hot Water Components
Solar Electric Components

Solar Hot Water Components


Next Step Energy provides custom designed kits to meet your water heating needs. In addition to our services as system designers and drafters we can provide assistance with your design and schematics for applications including:  


-Hot tubs

-Large commercial hot water

-Unique solar water heating applications

-Individual components and/or repair parts

Solar Electric Components


We choose locally manufactured components whenever possible. However, we can design around specific products at your preference, no matter what you are looking for.

-Individual components and/or repair parts

-PV panels from JinkoREC , and ZnShine

-Unirac, and NSE custom racking

-Inverters including: Fronius, Outback, SMA, Enphase,  SolArk, and Solar Edge

-Batteries from Trojan, SimpliPhi, Surrette/Rolls, Solar Edge, Enphase, and others


Water heaters

Indirect Fired Water Heaters: Indirect water heaters are storage tanks for water which is heated in another location. The water can be heated by a boiler system or solar system. These indirect water heaters can easily be incorporated with a gas or wood boiler and are a standard feature of our solar domestic hot water systems. 

Conventional Water Heaters: We design and install small-scale heating and domestic hot water systems incorporating conventional water heaters. In certain conditions, by combining the radiant heating and domestic hot water into one system, a considerable amount of money could be saved compared with two separate systems for heating and hot water. 

Radiant Heating


As installers of radiant heating systems we offer a complete range of hydronic heating components including: 

-PEX tubing

-Circulating pumps from Grundfos, taco

-Custom manifolds




-Panel radiators from DiaNorm, and others

We also offer customized tubing layout diagrams based on the floor plans of your new home or remodeling project.

Gas & Wood Boilers


The Knight Boiler: The Knight boiler is a line of residential gas boilers manufactured by Lochinvar, a trusted name and leader in commercial water heating systems. Their line of boilers are extremely efficient, simple to install, easy to control, and operate quietly. In low temperature radiant heating applications, it has an efficiency of over 95%, meaning tremendous savings on heating costs compared with conventional boiler systems. Visit Lochinvar to find out more about the Knight boiler.

Electric Boilers


Thermolec Modulating Electric Boilers: Ranging in output from 5kW to 23kW, Thermolec boilers are designed to easily install on the wall and require minimal space. These boilers are equipped with an adjustable electronic aquastat with a wide range of temperatures (80°F to 180°F) to suit many hydronic heating needs. The Boilers are also equipped with an outdoor reset control which adjusts the hot water temperature on mild days to increase indoor comfort and save energy. For more product details please visit Thermolec.



In an off-grid context, backup generators make sense for extended sun-free days, occasional large loads for equipment, or entertaining guests. By designing a smaller system to meet your normal day-to-day needs and including backup power for occasional use, you can save significantly on your system costs. Backup generators are also common in grid connected homes for customers that wish to have energy security of automatic backup generations in the event of power failure.

Questions about our products?

Water Heaters
Radiant Heating
Gas & Wood Boilers
Electric Boilers
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