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Halmstad Elementary School Solar Power for Learning Pavillion

On July 7th, 2020 Halmstad Elementary’s solar-powered Power for Learning Pavilion was officially commissioned. Built with generous donations from local businesses and benefactors, it was dedicated to Jayna Kelley and Autumn Helgeson. The pavilion features solar-powered benches for charging devices, Little Free Libraries, and ample outdoor learning space for students to enjoy.

By accessing the SolarEdge dashboard, an easy-to-use monitoring system, students and teachers can see various statistics regarding the energy production of the solar panels. For example, though the pavilion’s energy output may seem like only a fraction of the school’s annual usage, the dashboard reveals how solar power can have amazing environmental benefits. Since the pavilion was commissioned last summer it has saved over 11,000 pounds of CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of planting 86 trees!

While the pavilion itself is a great place to study, teachers can also use the SolarEdge dashboard as a powerful learning tool. Daily, weekly, and monthly statistics can be used to track the Earth’s orbit and students can practice reading graphs while viewing the solar panels’ energy output. Math can also be practiced as students answer questions such as: how many light bulbs did the pavilion power this week? (Hint: the average incandescent light bulb uses 60 watts of power). The SolarEdge dashboard gives students a real-time opportunity to apply their classroom learning.


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